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TQC: Isis Mason App :iconadraowen:Adraowen 12 4 B: Elin :iconmistressterrible:MistressTerrible 11 7 Cinnamon Rolls :iconawkward-nerdd:Awkward-Nerdd 18 1 03-09 IMPROVEMENT MEME TEMP :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 12,422 3,304 don't mind us :iconperpetual-insomniac:perpetual-insomniac 36 4 The Look :iconmayeko:Mayeko 111 17 TQC: Isis design :iconadraowen:Adraowen 25 24 .:WoM:. Theo Slyfield :iconsamiemack:samiemack 13 5 Foxglove Training: Tier 1-3 :iconspiretdoom:SpiretDoom 13 3 TQC: Ryder Cunningham [APP] :iconmistressterrible:MistressTerrible 14 3 Down the rabbit hole :iconvanzish:Vanzish 40 15 Sticky :iconvanzish:Vanzish 30 15 .:WoM:. Anna Pixel :iconsamiemack:samiemack 23 4 YJNG: This is the Death of Beauty :iconduchess-pastel:Duchess-Pastel 7 2 .:WoM:. Rooftop Kiss :iconsamiemack:samiemack 17 8 Pieces :iconxdarkhikarix:xDarkHikarix 47 20


A simple bust drawing of any character of your choice (canon, OC, etc.)

+3 :points: for a simple (they're super simple like lines and geometric figures) background
Full Body
A full body drawing (non-traced) of any character of your choice (canon,OC, etc.)
These automatically have no background. All are shaded and full colored.
One character each~
Fake Screencap (Traced)
A traced screencap of any character/s of your choice (canon, OC, etc.)
No NSFW, furries

+40 :points: for another character
Fake Screencap/ With Backgrounds (Non-traced)
A basic drawing/fake screencap with a background drawn by me with any character of your choice (Canon, OC, etc.)

+20 :points: for another character


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Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula
Bi Squad Dolls by SpiretDoom
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Style Meme (Anna)
Eyo! Style meme with mah girl Anna~
This was really fun to do and I might do it again ^^ I did not intend for Anna to look like Belle but when I saw it, I just went with it lmaoo
changed the surreal one to cubist bc why not?? i did prefer cubism over surrealism lol

Drawing in MistressTerrible was so much fun! I tried ok. Also if you guys notice, I'm actually appropriating two artists' styles. Wonder if anyone can guess the other artist and the artist's painting that I was trying to emulate ;)
Background style is from Malidunn 's art style meme of Aliery~

Anna Argyros (c) anakluxmos
Blank Meme from cloverinblue and pixiv
Tagged by SpiretDoom <3

❁ what is your sexual orientation?
well.... just click it omg it's not a screamer or a rick roll i promise

❁ what is your romantic orientation?


❁ what is your gender?
IDK really. Like sometimes I feel like a girl and other times I just feel like a person. Not a guy. Just a person. I don't really put a label on it but I guess demigirl counts?? But yea, I'm not big on labeling my gender.

❁ what is your sex?

❁ what pronouns do you use?
she/her on the internet but in real life? I really don't care as in my native language, we don't use pronouns. It doesn't bother me that much so like use "she/her" or "they/them" or whatever (except "he/him")

❁ how long have you been in the lgbtqa+ community for?
Since I knew that bisexuality was a like 4 years

❁ have you ever dated anyone in the lgbtqa+ community? if yes, explain 
Bruh I've never even dated someone lol

❁ how did you find out about the lgbtqa+ community? 
I had some inkling in high school because I had some lgbtqa+ friends but nothing very deep yet. See, lgbtqa+ discourse is something that was never talked about in my house and school (for traditional religious reasons) but I was exposed to it a bit. I started to take it a bit more seriously in high school though. The rest I discovered on tumblr and more online research. 

❁ do you have any friends in the lgbtqa+ community? 
Yeah! I have a lot~ 

❁ have you ever been at a pride event?
Sadly no. I want to go but I'm not in the mood to explain to my parents about pride events. They'd see it as a rally and rallies are negative to them. Or they'd say "why do you care? you're not part of them; it's not your battle/choose your battles". I just don't want to explain or come out to them.

❁ on a scale 0-10, how confident are you with your sexuality? 

❁ on a scale 0-10 how confident are you with your gender? 
-100 lmao

❁ are you out to anyone yet?
I'm out on the internet and to my close friends and to my siblings and selected cousins.

❁ do your parents know about your gender/sexuality? 
OH NO. I don't ever want them to know.

❁ do you ever get misgendered?
Sometimes...when I'm not feeling very "female-y". But that's my fault already, I don't really correct anyone or tell anyone :/

❁ have you gotten any hate for your gender/sexuality? 
No, I'm pretty lowkey about it so...

❁ in all honesty, do you think that there's a sexuality that might not be valid? 
Not really...ish? 

❁ do you own any pride merch?
I have stickers : )

❁ do you think that there's a possibility that you might change your mind about your orientations/gender in the future?

There is a possibility. I mean, gender and sexuality are fluid...and socially constructed and performative so...yeah. 

❁ what are your thoughts on people that identify as cis?
They're long as they don't invalidate other genders (this also goes for non-cis people too tbh).

❁ what are your thoughts on people that identify as <slash>straight</slash> heterosexual?
They're long as they don't invalidate other sexualities (this also goes for non-hetero people too tbh).

❁ if someone saw you on the street, would they realize that you are in the lgbtqa+ community? if yes, why?
Yes and no. If said person is not familiar with the lgbtq+ community and theories, then no, they would immediately assume that I am heterosexual. But I've also been thought of as asexual by many people. It kind of confused me so I asked a friend of mine. She said because I had this "asexual aesthetic"...which I have no idea what is being meant lmao

❁ on a scale 0-10 how familiar are your friends and family with the lgbtqa+ community?
Friends? 8-10 Family? Bruh, let's not even go there :')

❁ This tag is almost over, did you enjoy it?
It was okay

❁ do you love yourself for who you are?
I wish lmao

❁ have you ever wished you could change your sex/gender/orientations?
Sex? No. Sexuality? No. Gender? HELL YES. Though, I do change genders...but I guess it's more of changing my body than my actual gender. I know, I know: physical body parts =/= gender world where this idea isn't too can make you feel stuff honestly. 
nightchyrsanthemum Awkward-Nerdd MistressTerrible  KalonAngelos Triskata 
(If you are uncomfortable talking about your sexuality here, please just ignore this tag ~) 
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  • Reading: my required readings :')
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