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DT Angel AU: YCH [open] :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 3 2 DT Angel AU: Brooklyn, the Weeping Angel :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 13 0 Kaya Vandom :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 9 5 YOI AU: Ombra mai fu :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 10 2 YOI AU: Still Alive :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 7 2 PJO OC: Jasper Salvador :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 14 3 Fallin' :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 10 7 DT Power Card: Crystal :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 10 0 YJ Next Gen: the Reyes kids :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 19 9 Lester Rodriguez/Phoenix :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 20 8 Look how they shine for you :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 22 19 WoM OC: Kenji Brezezinski [App] :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 10 8 Marvel OCs :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 7 2 Meet the Artist :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 10 2 OC Aesthetics: Blue Diamond 2nd Gen :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 5 3 Lolly :iconanakluxmos:anakluxmos 19 8


Robert Langdon - Symbols :icondjinn-world:djinn-world 179 121 (DTS) Red's Nightmare :iconawkward-nerdd:Awkward-Nerdd 16 7 Diversity meme - Blank :iconsiamese712:Siamese712 12 0 Diversity Meme :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 27 5 DC Dark: Castress :iconhlwar:hlwar 29 20 NG: Jake Wardrobe :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 29 23 That Boy's Got the Devil in Him :iconhlwar:hlwar 29 39 C: 19-Krow :iconspiretdoom:SpiretDoom 6 2 don't we have an army to stop? :iconandroid-zura:android-zura 24 7 C: 27-Lurheia :iconspiretdoom:SpiretDoom 8 3 this nerd :iconrandomawesomeweirdo:RandomAwesomeWeirdo 11 0 how many more of these will i do :iconrandomawesomeweirdo:RandomAwesomeWeirdo 9 4 YJ: Swan redesign :iconkaitie1543:Kaitie1543 17 5 YJ: Lady Tesla :iconkaitie1543:Kaitie1543 10 2 little babbie :iconkiwisan13:Kiwisan13 8 14 Next Gen Gift: Marco :iconkalonangelos:KalonAngelos 9 2


A simple bust drawing of any character of your choice (canon, OC, etc.)

+3 :points: for a simple (they're super simple like lines and geometric figures) background
Full Body
A full body drawing (non-traced) of any character of your choice (canon,OC, etc.)
These automatically have no background. All are shaded and full colored.
One character each~
Fake Screencap (Traced)
A traced screencap of any character/s of your choice (canon, OC, etc.)
No NSFW, furries

+40 :points: for another character
Fake Screencap/ With Backgrounds (Non-traced)
A basic drawing/fake screencap with a background drawn by me with any character of your choice (Canon, OC, etc.)

+20 :points: for another character


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Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula Emoji Challenge by QueensNebula
Bi Squad Dolls by SpiretDoom
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DT Angel AU: YCH [open]
so.... so very inspired by Estrella-Angel :D
what? it looked like fun~

Yeah, so how to get your character in the pic? Comment with a convo and I'll pick the one that entertains me the most and is not OOC : )
And don't worry; my sketches are really messy and it won't end up like this for the actual picture ^^
DT Angel AU: Brooklyn, the Weeping Angel
oh my god I finally got to join in on this AU :'))
also 10 points for that Doctor Who reference


OK so after some thinking I finally am satisfied with Brooklyn's title~  She's the angel of those who are oppressed and abused (and generally in the minority?)and is called "The Weeping Angel". But like she doesn't really cry 24/7 it's just if she'd be portrayed by people she's always crying. Because she cannot alleviate all those suffering from their suffering. She weeps for them, in a way. She hears their prayers but oops! the will of the Lord or whatever trumps her own desires so all she can do is give them strength (mostly to fight and stand up in their own way). tbh she's crying bc she's so stressed like she's trying ok lol

I kinda went with what Brooklyn hates which is oppression and the such... :/

Other wonderful angels yo!
Dollmaker used
Tagged by SpiretDoom <3

❁ what is your sexual orientation?
well.... just click it omg it's not a screamer or a rick roll i promise

❁ what is your romantic orientation?


❁ what is your gender?
IDK really. Like sometimes I feel like a girl and other times I just feel like a person. Not a guy. Just a person. I don't really put a label on it but I guess demigirl counts?? But yea, I'm not big on labeling my gender.

❁ what is your sex?

❁ what pronouns do you use?
she/her on the internet but in real life? I really don't care as in my native language, we don't use pronouns. It doesn't bother me that much so like use "she/her" or "they/them" or whatever (except "he/him")

❁ how long have you been in the lgbtqa+ community for?
Since I knew that bisexuality was a like 4 years

❁ have you ever dated anyone in the lgbtqa+ community? if yes, explain 
Bruh I've never even dated someone lol

❁ how did you find out about the lgbtqa+ community? 
I had some inkling in high school because I had some lgbtqa+ friends but nothing very deep yet. See, lgbtqa+ discourse is something that was never talked about in my house and school (for traditional religious reasons) but I was exposed to it a bit. I started to take it a bit more seriously in high school though. The rest I discovered on tumblr and more online research. 

❁ do you have any friends in the lgbtqa+ community? 
Yeah! I have a lot~ 

❁ have you ever been at a pride event?
Sadly no. I want to go but I'm not in the mood to explain to my parents about pride events. They'd see it as a rally and rallies are negative to them. Or they'd say "why do you care? you're not part of them; it's not your battle/choose your battles". I just don't want to explain or come out to them.

❁ on a scale 0-10, how confident are you with your sexuality? 

❁ on a scale 0-10 how confident are you with your gender? 
-100 lmao

❁ are you out to anyone yet?
I'm out on the internet and to my close friends and to my siblings and selected cousins.

❁ do your parents know about your gender/sexuality? 
OH NO. I don't ever want them to know.

❁ do you ever get misgendered?
Sometimes...when I'm not feeling very "female-y". But that's my fault already, I don't really correct anyone or tell anyone :/

❁ have you gotten any hate for your gender/sexuality? 
No, I'm pretty lowkey about it so...

❁ in all honesty, do you think that there's a sexuality that might not be valid? 
Not really...ish? 

❁ do you own any pride merch?
I have stickers : )

❁ do you think that there's a possibility that you might change your mind about your orientations/gender in the future?

There is a possibility. I mean, gender and sexuality are fluid...and socially constructed and performative so...yeah. 

❁ what are your thoughts on people that identify as cis?
They're long as they don't invalidate other genders (this also goes for non-cis people too tbh).

❁ what are your thoughts on people that identify as <slash>straight</slash> heterosexual?
They're long as they don't invalidate other sexualities (this also goes for non-hetero people too tbh).

❁ if someone saw you on the street, would they realize that you are in the lgbtqa+ community? if yes, why?
Yes and no. If said person is not familiar with the lgbtq+ community and theories, then no, they would immediately assume that I am heterosexual. But I've also been thought of as asexual by many people. It kind of confused me so I asked a friend of mine. She said because I had this "asexual aesthetic"...which I have no idea what is being meant lmao

❁ on a scale 0-10 how familiar are your friends and family with the lgbtqa+ community?
Friends? 8-10 Family? Bruh, let's not even go there :')

❁ This tag is almost over, did you enjoy it?
It was okay

❁ do you love yourself for who you are?
I wish lmao

❁ have you ever wished you could change your sex/gender/orientations?
Sex? No. Sexuality? No. Gender? HELL YES. Though, I do change genders...but I guess it's more of changing my body than my actual gender. I know, I know: physical body parts =/= gender world where this idea isn't too can make you feel stuff honestly. 
nightchyrsanthemum Awkward-Nerdd MistressTerrible  KalonAngelos Triskata 
(If you are uncomfortable talking about your sexuality here, please just ignore this tag ~) 
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  • Reading: my required readings :')
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